AAA ADC – Jakarta
AAA Area Development Center – Jakarta

International Associations of Athletics Federation (IAAF) has its task and authority to support and give fully service upon development and construction of Athletics in all over the world. Regional Development Centre (RDC) was established to carry out the IAAF task upon RDC affiliated countries. There are 9 RDCs spread out in the world which are allocated in Beijing, Cairo, Dakar, Jakarta, Europe (Lusanne-Swizzerland) , Nairobi, NACAC (San Juan-Puerto Rico), Oceania (Gold Coast-Australia) and CONSUDATLE (Santa Fe-Argentina). Each RDC serves some affiliated countries within their each regions.
The IAAF RDC-Jakarta is the Centre for Regional Athletic Development that served 18 countries of Asia. (For further detail, click Federation).The Agreement for establishing the IAAF RDC-Jakarta was signed on July 16, 1988 by the Minister for Sports Affair, Mr. Akbar Tanjung, representing the government of Indonesia, Mr. Mohamad Hasan, representing the Indonesia Amateur Athletic Federation (PASI), and on behalf of the IAAF, Mr. Robert Stinson, the then Treasurer of the IAAF.
The main task of the IAAF RDC-Jakarta is to organize Courses for athletic coaches aiming to advance their coaching skill and expertise through CECS Level II Courses and subsequently Level III Courses in the future, as programmed by the IAAF. Besides Courses for coaches, other important seminars on various topics are also held at the RDC’s: e.g. on Development Strategy, Women Leadership, Medical and Doping, Administration, TV & Sports Marketing, Competition Management’s, Training Camps and High Level Seminar on Athletics Events, Competition Management and Athletics Officiating.
The first stage of coaching course that called CECS Level I Course is organized by the national athletic federations at their home countries for which the IAAF appoints Lecturer(s) to conduct or lecture the course. The appointed Lecturers could be from neighborhood countries or qualified Lecturers from the national athletics federations itself.
The following stages of CECS that are CECS Level II and Level III Courses are conducted by and at the ADCs, depending on each ADCs necessity. Approval of activities timing, candidate participants and candidate Lecturers come from IAAF. Area Association and IAAF fully bear costs of activities, airfare and board & lodging of both Lecturers and participants.
Other activities of the IAAF RDC-Jakarta are as follows :

  1. Producing publications, such as RDC’s Bulletin.
  2. Creating a Library that open to visitors from Member Federations, and also to walk-in visitors.
  3. Providing advice, if it deemed necessary, at major regional (or area) championships.
  4. Planning and proposing concept of new regional development for athletics.
  5. Compiling technical publications and make them available to Member Federations.

The IAAF RDC-Jakarta had 3 changes of Directors, as follows :


Since December 2017, all RDCs were regenerated which was first fully managed by the IAAF, since then is managed by Area Association that is Asian Athletics Association (AAA). RDC changed the name to AREA DEVELOPMENT CENTER ( ADC ). Each Area Association are chaired by an Area Develoment Director. Mr. SALMAN IQBAL BUTT is an Area Development Director for ADC Jakarta and ADC Beijing.

ADC Jakarta activities are participated by 18 Asian Countries whic are as follow:
1. Afghanistan
2. Bangladesh
3. Bhutan
4. Brunei Darussalam
5. Cambodia
6. India
7. Indonesia
8. Republic of Islam Iran
9. Maldives
10. Malaysia
11. Myanmar
12. Nepal
13. Pakistan
14. Philippines
15. Sri Lanka
16. Singapore
17. Thailand
18. Timor Leste


Name: Salman Iqbal Butt
Date Of Birth: 10 March 1959
Address: Lahore Pakistan
Email: discuss786@gmail.com
Citizenship: Pakistani

Name: Ria Lumintuarso
Date of Birth: 26 October 1962
Address: Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Email: loemin@yahoo.com / rialumintuarso@adcjakarta.org
Citizenship: Indonesian

Name: Dwi Priyono
Date Of Birth: 28 October 1961
Address: Lampung, Indonesia
Email: dwipriyono_koni@yahoo.com / dwipriyono@adcjakarta.org
Citizenship: Indonesian

Name: Riastuti
Date of Birth: 12 January 1964
Address: Banten, Indonesia
Email: office@adcjakarta.org
Citizenship: Indonesian

Name : Adi Karyadi
Date of Birth: 9 December 1972
Address: Depok, Indonesia
Email: admin@adcjakarta.org
Citizenship: Indonesian