CECS Level I Lecturers Refresher Course

The CECS Level 1 Lecturers Refresher Course was conducted on 13 – 18 June 2022 and was conducted virtually ( zoom ).
This activity was attended by 17 participants from 11 countries, and the Lecturers were: Mr Gunter Lange (Germany) and Mr Ria Lumintuarso (Indonesia).
In this Refresher Course activity, all participants were assigned to make two presentations, namely: General Presentation and Event Presentation.

The presentation material for each participant was determined by the lecturers.
The presentation material presented by the participants was the new material (updated) from the CECS Level 1 World Athletics Curriculum.

Each participant was given 20 minutes to present the material, and then a consecutive feedback session by the Participants and Lecturers.

The Refresher Course was closed by the Director of ADC Jakarta (Mr Ria Lumintuarso) and the participants were delivered the Certificate.