Best Practice in Coaching (Throwing Events)

In an effort to increase the knowledge of Coaches in coaching practice in the field, ADC Jakarta held a webinar related to Best Practice in coaching specifically on Throwing events.
The speaker was Mr. Thomas Zuddy (IAAF/WA Lecture) from Paraguay.

Participants of this webinar were Coaches who have attended CECS Level 1 and are still actively coaching, specifically for Throwing events in their respective Member Federations, either at the National or Provincial level.

According to the registration data, this webinar was attended by 43 Coaches from 15 MFs within the ADC Jakarta Area, and other coaches were also joined via the ADC Jakarta YouTube link.

The webinar was held for two days (23 – 24 June), 09:00 – 15:30 (Jakarta Time) and begun with a welcome greeting from the Director of ADC Jakarta, Mr. Ria Lumintuarso

There were three main materials explained by Mr. Thomas Zuddy: General Principles of Throwing events, Components of Fitness in throwing events, and Planning of the Year in throwing events. That were the subjects which attracted the participants so that many questions were asked during the Webinar.

On June 24, at 16.00, the Webinar was closed by Mr. Ria Lumintuarso and each participant were given an e-Certificate of Participation