CECS Level I (New) Lecturer Refresher Course

The Course were attended 16 Participants (04 females and 12 males) from 13 different countries and they are as follows :

1. Mr. Mohammed Mehedi Hasan (BAN).
2. Mr. Azmize Abd. Rahman (BRU).
3. Mr. K.I. Gopalakrishna Pillai (IND).
4. Ms. Elly Diana Mamesah (INA).
5. Ms. Rumini (INA).
6. Ms. Winda Prasepty (INA).
7. Mr. Pezhman Motamedi (IRI).
8. Mr. Mohd. Azam Abu Hashim (MAS).
9. Mr. Zainal bin Abas (MAS).
10. Mr. Mohamed Amir (MDV),.
11. Mr. Rafique Ahmed (PAK).
12. Ms. Ma Jeanette Obiena (PHI).
13. Mr. Soh Chian Choon Joseph (SIN).
14. Mr. H.D.T. Rathnasooriya (SRI).
15. Mr. Amnuay Boonseng (THA).
16. Mr. Elias De Deus (TLS).

The Lecturers who were appointed to run the Course were Mr. Ria Lumintuarso (INA) dan Mr. Ekkawit Sawangphol (THA). Each Participant had to pass through and complete 2 times practical examinations and a theory exam.

As completion of the Course, Lecturers debriefed each Participants individually and confirming the Participants’ competancy as the refreshed IAAF Level I Lecturers. The refreshed new Lecturers are entitled and ready to conduct the CECS New Level I Coaching Course in their region.