IAAF Women Communicaton Seminar

RDC Jakarta again conducted a seminar which was specialized for women that was IAAF Women Communication Seminar. Seminar was held on 19 – 21 July 2017 and took venue in Jogakarta. Seminar was attended by 16 female participants from 14 different countries: BAN, BHU, BRU, CAM, INA, IND, MAS, MDV, MYA, NEP, PAK, SRI, THA and TLS. Lecturee of the seminar was DR. Nia Sarinastiti, M.A from Indonesia.

The seminar was started with welcoming greating from RDC-Jakarta Director, Mr. Ria Lumintuarso.


During the seminar, the Lecturer presented materials by two-ways interaction communication: by explaning all related matters of communication and then giving either group and personal assignment.

The participants had to present result of their discussion among their group and were written on flip-chart.


The IAAF Womena Communication Seminar was officially closed by Mr. Ria Lumintuarso by forwarding his high appreciation to key speaker and farewell greating to to all participants. The participants then proudly received “Certificate of Attendance”.