CECS Level II on Sprint/Hurdles and Middle-Long Distance & Race Walking

ADC Jakarta held CECS Level II Courses for Coaches events Sprint / Hurdles and Middle / Long Distance and Race Walk which this time was held in Singapore on 24 November – 1 December 2018.

The course was attended by 32 participants from 9 countries, with their respective specialist events, namely:  Hussain Haleem (MDV), M.C.K.Perera (SRI), Muhammad Faruque Ahmed Khan (BAN), Md. Abdul Halim (BAN), Jeganenthiran Sellathurai (SRI), Rajeev Joshi (IND), Junrei Bano (PHI), Firi Haryadi (INA), Zakaria Malik (INA), Hamberi bin Mahat (MAS), Liang Wei (SGP), Lee Chen Wei (SGP), Shwan Wee (SGP), Hafiz bin Mohamad (SGP), Wong Mun Kon Jason (SGP), Adrian Tan Koon Thiam (SGP), Ter Wei Ting Brenda (SGP), Hussain Rauhath Qudrathulla (MDV), K.V.R.C. Gunarathna Nilame (SRI), Garusingha Deewage janita Jayasinghe (SRI), John Philip Duenas (PHI), Agus Mulyawan (INA), Aung Mar Win (MYA), Entheran Subramaniam (MAS), Loh Hui Pei (SGP), Eng Wei Ping Michael (SGP), Joe Goh (SGP), Mohamed Haja Fayiz (SGP), Chu Seow Beng (SGP), Muhammad ShahFeros bin Moheden (SGP), Lim Kien Mau (SGP), Ng Jun Wei (SGP)

The Lecturers in this course are: Mr. Volker Hermann (German) and Mr. Ben Green (Australia).

In this course the participants must attend 4 exams: Written, Oral, Practical, and Micro cyclus Programs. After the exam, the Lecturers conducts a briefing on each participant and is informed about the results of the exam.