IAAF Toecs Level II Course (ITO Evaluation)

Ending the activity in 2018, ADC Jakarta held IAAF TOECS Level II Course as well as for the evaluation of ITO, which was held on 3-9 December 2018 in Yogyakarta.
Those who act as instructors are :

1. Ms. Hellen Roberts (AUS)
2. Mr. Suren Ayadassen (MAU)
3. Mr. Yukio Seki (JPN)

The course was attended by 30 participants from 18 countries, consisting of:

1. Mr. Aminul Islam (BAN)
2. Mr. Md Kitab Ali (BAN)
3. Ms. Tshering Choden (BHU)
4. Mr. Chan Man Hau (HKG)
5. Mr. Fung Wang Tak (HKG)
6. Mr. Stanley Jones (IND)
7. Dwi Priyono (INA)
8. Umaryono (INA)
9. Ms. Ika Kartikawati (INA)
10. Mr. Abbas Fathi (IRI)
11. Mr. Haruyuki Sekine (JPN)
12. Mr. Al Johani Rajeh Benaya H (KSA)
13. Mr. Alqurashi Bandar Hameed H (KSA)
14. Mr. Padmanathan Nagappan (MAS)
15. Mr. Ahmed Azeel (MDV)
16. Mr. Ahmed Munthaqim (MDV)
17. Mr. Mohamed Amir (MDV)
18. Mr. Kyaw Kyaw Win (MYA)
19. Mr. Syed Zain-Ul-Abedin (PAK)
20. Ms. Ma Jeanette Obiena (PHI)
21. Mr. Bernard Tilakasiri Perera (SRI)
22. Mr. Lau Joo Koon, Melvin (SGP)
23. Mr. Mohammed Faisal Suptu (SGP)
24. Mr. Ravinder Chaudhry (IND)
25. Mr. Koo Bon Chil (KOR)
26. Mr. Ho Weng Hong (MAC)
27. Mr. Govindaraju Ramdass (MAS)
28. Mr. Nookarajoo Thathaiah (MAS)
29. Mr. Jesus Tubog, Jr. (PHI)
30. Mr. Abdul Hakeem Al-Ameri (QAT)

The Lecturers provide material through practice in the field and theory in class.


On the course the participants were introduced to Electronic Distance Measurement equipment, starting from the installation process to the measurement method.


In this course the participants are required to take 3 assessments, namely: Class Presentations, Theory Exams, and Oral Exams.
After evaluating the Lecturers then gives a briefing to the each participants and informs them about the results of the exam, Pass or Not pass.