Chief Youth Coach Academy

RDC Jakarta in collaboration with NIE / NTU Singapore held the Chief Youth Coach Academy, which was held on 9 – 14 October 2017.
This activity was attended by 16 Coaches from 12 countries in the South and Southeast Asia region as well as from China Taipei, namely:

No Name No Name
1 Mr. Abdullah-Hel Kafi (BAN) 9. Mr. Sean Guevara (PHI)
2 Mr. Ahanapiah MD Noor (BRU) 10. Mr. Jansz Dissanayake (SRI)
3 Mr. Sudir Kumar Rana (IND) 11. Mr. Elangovan Ganesan (SIN)
4 Mrs. Rumini (INA) 12. Mr. John Seem (SIN)
5 Mr. Abang Sapani bin Abang Sarbini (MAS) 13. Mr. Tan Wei Leong (SIN)
6 Mr. Abdulla Ibrahim (MDV) 14. Mr. Wen-Long, Yu (TPE)
7 Mr. Ali Nadhym (MDV) 15. Mr. Ming-Hung, Lin (TPE)
8 Mr. Sushil Narsingh Rana (NEP) 16. Mrs. Sunisa Dararuang (THA)


The speakers in this activity are Lecture IAAF: Mr. Gunther Lange, Mr. Ria Lumintuarso, Dr. Wolfgang Killing, Mr. Vokker Herrmann, Mr. Ekkawit Sawangphol, and Lecturers from Nanyang University: Dr. G. Balasekaran, Dr. Tiago M. Barbosa, Dr. Swarup Mukherjee, Dr. Masato Kawabata, Dr. Stephen Burns, Dr. Azhar, Dr. Tom Brown. On the sidelines of this activity, the participants had the opportunity to visit Sport School Singapore. Furthermore, the participants are given the task to create a Project Development for Youth athletes in their respective countries to make the Macro Program Cycle.