Development Training Program

On September 26 – 28, 2020, it was the time when ADC Jakarta held a Coaching Seminar which was discussed about the Development Training Program for Junior athletes (U20).

This seminar was attended by 50 Coaches from 16 different countries, namely:
AFG (2) – BAN (4) – BRU (3) – CAM (3) – IND (2) – INA (4) – IRI (2) – MAS (3) – MYA (4) – NEP (4) – PAK (2) – PHI (4) – SGP (4) – SRI (4) – THA (4) – TLS (1).
The appointed Lecturers were Mr P. Radhakrishnan Nair (IND) and Mr Veeramani Chidambaram (SGP).

The seminar was opened by Mr Ria Lumintuarso (Director of ADC Jakarta) and was continued with delivering Seminar materials by the two Lecturers according to the prepared schedule.
After the Lecturers delivers the material, then the participants were assigned to make a micro cyclus program (General Preparation Period, Specific Preparation Period, Competition Period, and Tapering) which was carried out in groups according to the Participants’ event numbers: Sprint, Hurdle, Jump, Throw, and Middle & Long Distance.
In the discussion forum, each group was assigned to evaluate and provide feedback on the training program of another group. Then it was followed by the two lecturers who were providing evaluation and feedback on improvements.
In general, all participants were happy with the opportunity to gain a lot of knowledge from the two lecturers, especially in the preparation of a micro cyclus program.
The seminar was closed by Mr Ria Lumintuarso (Director of ADC Jakarta) and to Participants were given “Attendance Certificate”.