Sports Science: Nutrition and Recovery Management

On the12th – 13th of October 2020, ADC Jakarta has implemented the ninth webinar Activity Program with the theme of “Sports Science” and with the topic of “Nutrition and Recovery Management”. The webinar was attended by 42 participants from 14 countries: BAN, BRU, INA, IND, IRI, MAS, MDV, MYA, PAK, NEP, PHI, SGP, SRI and THA. The appointed Lecturers were: Mr. Ralph Mouchbahani (GER) and Mr. Volker Herrmann (GER).

In accordance with the topic, besides being attended by Coaches, this webinar was also attended by Doctors and Nutritionists who are involved in the Member Federation of each country.

The webinar was begun with a welcome speech from the AAA Development Director, Mr. Salman Iqbal Butt. It was subsequently followed by the two Lecturers to deliver their materials according to the time table.

Many questions were raised by the participants during the webinar. They received new information from the two Lecturers regarding Nutrition and Recovery Management which is one of the most important supporting parts for the Athlete Development Program.

The participants were very enthusiastic. They were interested in applying new knowledge into practice in the field.

The webinar was ended at 05:00 PM (13 October 2020) and closed by Mr. Ria Lumintuarso as Director of ADC Jakarta. Then the participants were given an attendance Certificate.