Gender Leadership Seminar Series 3

Gender Leadership Seminar Series 3 Activity had been held on January 13-15, 2021.

The third series was filled with group presentation activities, each of which consists of 3 people.

Before the presentation began, Mr Salman Iqbal Butt as The AAA Development Director gave special notes to the participants to make the best use of this seminar in order to have a positive impact on the personal development of participants in their daily lives. And he also thanked WA and AAA, especially the Women’s Commission for providing opportunities for women (Athletics) in Asia to study management, administration and leadership skills.

In the presentation, the Moderator reminded the Participants that the presentation had to involve body language as much as possible so that it could attract Participants’ interest to participate in the presentation with enthusiasm. Furthermore, each group was given 30 minutes (including feedback).

The topics presented by the participants were very diverse, such as Kids Athletics, Managing Staff, Women as Leaders of Change, Sport Science, and Identifying Young Talented Athletes. Each presentation took place dynamically, not only in its presentation but also a lot of positive feedback conveyed by other fellow Participants.

Meanwhile, Ms Janie Frampton (Supervisor) commented and confirmed that each Participant was very developed and could communicate better, and developed further, especially in understanding leadership.

In his speech which also officially closed the webinar, Mr Ria Lumintuarso (Director of ADC Jakarta), observed that each Participant was not only learning but doing and showing, so there were many significant changes. He hopes that the Participants can use Athletics for personality development and can take advantage of personality development to develop Athletics in their respective countries so that Athletics sports will be more and more attractive and advanced.

Furthermore, all fully 3 series-attended Participants were given Attendance Certificates.