IAAF Area Starters Course

RDC-Jakarta conducted the Area Starters Course on the 26th – 28th October 2011 in Madya Stadium Bung Karno Senayan Jakarta.The Course was started on the 26th October 2011 with opening and welcoming remarks from Mr. Ria Lumintuarso (the Director of RDC Jakarta) dan Mr. Maurice Nicholas (Honorary Secretary & Treasurer of the AAA). The Participants of the Course were not only from Member Federations affiliated to RDC-Jakarta, but also from Oceania. They were as follows :

  1. Mr. David Bryan (AUS).
  2. Ms. Natalia Wellings (AUS).
  3. Farid Khan Chowdury (BAN).
  4. Roslan bin Hj. Manaf (BRU).
  5. Mohammad Halimin bin Shabuddin (BRU).
  6. Liu Hang Chui (HKG).
  7. Budi Leksono (INA).
  8. Ralin Ritonga (INA).
  9. Warsono (INA).
  10. Shahbazi Shahram (IRI).
  11. Hideaki Hiyata (JPN).
  12. Govindasamy Veeriah (MAS).
  13. Ahmed Munthaqim (MDV).
  14. Mohamed Shihan (MDV).
  15. La Min Aung (MYA).
  16. Wendy Fox-Turnball (NZL).
  17. Maqsood Ahmad (PAK).
  18.  Norberto Dela Cruz (PHI).
  19. Jayalaxmi (SIN).
  20. Silverajan Munisamy (SIN).
  21. Supiah Raju (SIN).
  22. B.K. Neville L.S. Rodrigo (SRI).
  23. C.W. Pitigala.
  24. Narinth Sutisak (THA).
  25. Visuit Chandoong (THA).

Mr. Alan Bell (GBR), an International Starter, was appointed Lecturer in the Course.
Mr. Alan Bell provided 3 kind of material and they were Theory in the class, Practical for Starter Setting Position, and Practical to be a Starter. The demonstration Athletes were provided as well and they were National Sprinters of Indonesia.

The Course was closed on the 28th October 2011 by forwarding the Attendance Cerfiticate to all Participants.