IAAF Cecs Level I Lecturers Course

Lecturer : Mr. Ria Lumintuarso (Indonesia/IAAF – RDC Jakarta)

Participants :
1. Mr. Amiri Mohammad Ramin (AFG).
2. Mr. MohdAzam bin Abu Hashim (MAS).
3. Mr. K.I. GopalakrishnaPillai (IND).
4. Mr. MD. Abdul Halim (BAN).
5. Mr. DeianVibol (CAM).
6. Dr. AliGorzi (IRI).
7. Mr.K. Vijitharan (SRI).
8. Mr. Avip Dwi Cahyo (INA).
9. Mr. HtayZawOo (MYA).
10 Mr. Mohamed Asim (MDV).
11. Mr. Rakesh Bajracharya (NEP).
12. Mr. ClarkIvan Manuel (PHI).
13. Mr. Seem KokBeng John (SIN).
14. Mr.Lim Kien Mau (SIN).
15. Mr. Elias de Deus (TLS).
16. Ms. Supiati (INA).

This Course was expected to increase numbers of IAAF Level I Lecturers. Based on that aim, Lecturer provided Course Material which were included as follows: Generation “Y”, Kids Athletics, General Approach, Kids Athletics Competition, Communication, Improvisation of Equipment, Teaching Skills, Structure Model of Talent Identification, Jumps Practical, Throws Practical, Sprint & Hurdles Practical, Distance, Steeple Chase, and Race Walk Practical.

Kids Athletics competition was conducted on the course as an example for all participants to figure out how to organize it. This competition were participated by students of an Elementary School near by the Madya Stadion.

All participants must complete the following exams: teaching demonstration, class presentation and theory exam.

The Course was concluded by doing debriefing by the Lecturer to give feedback and explanation regarding each participants’ competency.

The Course was officially closed by Mr. Tigor Tanjung, Vice President of the AAA/General Secretary of Indonesia Athletics Federation