IAAF CECS Level III Course on Combined Event

Lecturer :
1. Mr. Rainer Pottel (GER).
2. Mr. Ria Lumintuarso (IAAF/RDC Jakarta).

Participants :
1. Mr. Hasnor NS (INA)
2. Mr. GaosMaturidy (INA)
3. Mr. MaungMaungNge (MYA)
4. Mr. Sean Guevara (PHI)
5. Mr. Ali Shareef (MDV)
6. Mr. Rafique Ahmed (PAK)
7. Mr. Santosh Kumar Shrestha (NEP)
8. Mr. Yong Yong Xiang Elwin (SIN)
9. Mr. Simon Lau Chin Meng (MAS)
10. Mr. Maqnun bin Wahab (BRU)
11. Ms. Chan See Huey (SIN)
12. Ms. B.L.B. RoshiniBowatta (SRI)
13. Ms. Thanapackiam Raja Gopal (MAS)

Course was officially opened with Welcome Speech from RDC-Jakarta Director and Lecturer.

Being passed and eligible for Level IV, participants must be qualified in all examination of Teaching demonstration, Planning Session, Theory and Oral.


Technical demonstration from Lecturer.

Participants were doing practical, theory and oral examination. Debriefing was done after all examination completed. The lecturers informed the result and explained the competency achievement. Course was concluded by closing dinner as well as certificates delivering to participants according to their compentency.