IAAF CECS Level I Lecturers Course

On the 15th to 20th of October 2019, the ADC Jakarta held a CECS Level I Lecturers course in Yogyakarta – Indonesia.

The Lecturers of this course were. Mr. Ria Lumintuarso (Director of ADC Jakarta) and Mr. P. Radhakhrisnan Nair (India)

The course was attended by 12 participants from 10 countries as follows: Bangladesh (1 person), Cambodia (1 person), Indonesian (2), Indian (1), Maldives (1), Myanmar (1), Pakistan (1), Philippines (1), Srilanka (1), Thailand (1) and Timor Leste (1).

Objetive of this course was to create Lecturers for IAAF Level I in each participating countries.

There were three assessments that had to be followed by each participants: Teaching Pratical, Class Presentations, and Exams Theory.

After carrying out the three assessments, all participants were then given a briefing by the Lecturers about their competencies after taking the IAAF CECS Level I Lecturer course and each partiipants was given certificates of attendance.