In accordance with the activity program of 2019, ADC Jakarta held a Sports Marketing Seminar, which was held on November 26-28, 2019 in Jakarta and was attended by 13 participants from 13 countries, namely:
Mr. Ahmad Ferooz Sakhizada (AFG) – Mr. Abdur Rakib (BAN) – Ms. PG. HJH. Maryatul Qafdiah PG HJ Yakop (BRU) – Ms. Try Eng Kim (CAM) – Mr. Chetan Gulati (IND) – Mr. Agung Suryantoro (INA) Mr. YH Dato Anamalai s/o Ramasami (MAS) – Mr. Mohamed Sahid (MDV) –
Mr. Saw Edward Renny (MYA) – Mr. Hussnain Syed (PAK) – Ms. Khairina Mohd (SGP) –
Mr.G.L.S. Perera (SRI) – Mr. Wirote Kitgulanantaeak (THA)

The Lecturer in this seminar was: DR. Nia Sarinastiti, MA from Indonesia

During the 3 days of activities, participants were introduced to matters relating to sports marketing materials, among others: Introduction to Brand and Product, Creation and Marketing Plan, Communication, and Accountability (Ethics &Issues Management, Monitoring, Evaluation).

In the last session (third day), DR. Nia Sarinastiti, MA provided the opportunity for participants (divided into groups) to present a “sports marketing” plan that was related to athletics.

On the closing day on 28 November 2019, Director of the ADC Jakarta, Mr. DR. Ria Lumintuarso gave a “Certificate of Attendance” to the seminar participants.