Woman Leadership Seminar

On 17 – 19 December 2019, the Area Development Center – Jakarta held a Woman Leadership Seminar, attended by 10 participants from 8 countries.
1.Ms. Runa Layla (BAN), 2. Ms. Pinkey Pulami (BHU), 3. Ms. Pg. Hjh. Maryatul Qafdiah Pg. Hj. Yakop (BRU), 4.Ms. Try Eng Kim (CAM), 5. Ms. Hyma Raghavendra Akula (IND), 6. Ms. Hermahayu (INA), 7. Ms. Fenny Veranika (INA), 8. Ms. Aisya Kemala, 9. Ms. Chua Joo Ping (MAS), 10. Ms. Humaira Machmood (PAK).

As the moderator in this seminar is: Ms. Siti Adia Tawang (BRU) and Ms. Soha Marzouk (LEB).

The Moderators deliver the material using discourse and discussion methods, and material presented, among others: Gender Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Personal Brand and Communication, Change Management.

The seminar was closed on 19 December by the Director of ADC – Jakarta (Mr. Ria Lumintuarso) and all participants were given a “Certificate of Attendance”.